When will I receive an offer?

Hoas has no queue number system for housing applications. When prioritising applications, we take into account the urgency of the need for an apartment, the applicant's assets and financial situation, as well as the time they have waited. At the beginning of terms, the first priority are always first year students moving in from outside the capital area. This is why the person who has waited the longest may not always be the first to receive an offer. 

We cannot give estimates on the time you may have to wait or when we may be able to send you an offer. The apartments that are rented out have a notice period of one month, so the availability of apartments is known to Hoas only approximately one month in advance. Due to this, we cannot know in advance when or how many apartments will become available, or what their location may be.

Notices of termination, apartment offers and cancellations of offers are processed on a daily basis, so the availability situation also changes from day to day. We aim to offer apartments to new tenants as soon as they become free. Please note that your offer may come at a very short notice.

The demand for housing varies according to different times of the year. It peaks at the beginning of terms, and the apartments that are available then will be rented out quickly. Most years, late spring and the summer season are the times when there are more apartments available compared to the number of applicants. Do remember, however, that Hoas cannot offer an apartment to every single applicant.

Hoas will consider your current notice period when requested. However, please understand that waiting for a suitable apartment to be free may add to the waiting time.

How will I receive my offer?

The housing offers are made through electronical signature service. The applicant will be sent an email that contains a link to the housing offer in the electronical signature service. The tenancy agreement is signed in the signature service and all required documents are uploaded there as well. Any missing document can be sent to Hoas by email. Once we have received your documents and accepted them, we will send you a confirmation by email.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your contact details in the application are correct and up to date. You must apply with an email address you check regularly and make sure that Hoas is in your safe senders list, in order to avoid our messages being lost in the spam folder.

If you have provided incorrect contact details to Hoas and do not get news of your offer in time or at all, Hoas is under no obligation to offer you another apartment.