When and how can I apply for a Hoas apartment?

You can submit an application as soon as you have been admitted to a school, however no more than four months before you intend to move in. 

  • If you need an apartment from the 1st of September, the earliest time you can submit an application is the 1st of May in the same year.

However, please note that you cannot accept the apartment before school has started and you have enrolled for your studies. If you are just starting your studies and your term begins in January, you cannot accept an apartment in December. The summer months are an exception to this: if you are beginning your studies in the autumn, you can accept an apartment already in June.

Please make sure that the contact details you give on the application are correct. If your contact details are not correct, we will not be able to send you important messages concerning your application or your apartment offer. If you cannot send the application, please check that you have filled in all the required information (marked with an asterisk).

How many applications can I have at the same time?

You can have one valid application with which you may apply for a room in a shared apartment, a room in a roomie apartment, a studio apartment and/or a two-room apartment for one person.

At the same time you can also have another application valid for a family apartment with your spouse and/or with children. With family apartment application you may apply for studio, two-room, three-room and four-room apartment. With application for friends you may apply for two-room, three-room and four-room apartment. However you cannot apply both family and roomie apartment with same co-applicant(s).

What happens after I submit my application?

When you have filled in the application, Hoas will process it and we will confirm by email that your application is valid. We will contact you if we need study certificates from you in order to process your application.

  • In the case of an underaged applicant, your application will be accepted once you have provided a guardian's consent to Hoas. An underaged person cannot apply for an apartment without a guardian's consent.
  • If you are applying for a transfer of right to occupancy based on pregnancy, student exchange or work experience, or military/civil service, your application will be accepted once you have provided the required documents to Hoas.

We will contact you if the documents are incomplete or incorrect. In such situations, you will be given a set time limit to complete your application. The application will be removed automatically when the time limit expires, if you do not complete it.

The approval of an application does not automatically guarantee an apartment from Hoas.

The submission date of the application is what matters

It matters when the application is submitted: Hoas will try to offer an apartment first to those who have waited the longest. However, please note that Hoas's primary criteria for offering apartments are homelessness and low income or assets, so the person who has waited the longest may not always be the first to receive an offer.