What happens when one of the tenants move out?

If you are considering moving out of a roomie apartment, discuss the matter with your roommates in advance. This will make it easier for them to look for a new roommate and prepare for your move.

The termination must be done with the Hoas termination form. After this, Hoas processes the termination announcement and sends a termination confirmation to the leaving tenant/tenants. Hoas also informs the other tenants about the vacating room and gives instructions on how to continue.

When a tenant terminates the agreement, the roommates have the following options:

1. To propose a new roommate to Hoas before the deadline

  • A new tenant can be searched, for example, through the Hoas Matchie.
  • Be quick – the time for announcing a new roommate is short to avoid the room being unoccupied for a longer period.
  • The roommates can only propose a single new tenant for each vacant room, and all other applications are rejected. Therefore it’s good to discuss with the other tenants about who you want to propose to be your new roommate.
  • The new tenant must complete a Hoas apartment application.
  • Hoas will check whether the applicant proposed by the tenants fulfils the Hoas criteria for right to occupancy. If the applicant does fulfil the criteria, Hoas offers the room to the proposed applicant.
  • If the new applicant does not fulfil the Hoas criteria for right to occupancy, we will inform about the possibility to propose another applicant.
  • If necessary, Hoas will choose a new tenant for the vacant room according to its normal criteria for choosing a tenant.

2. To terminate their agreements as well

  • When one tenant has already terminated the agreement, the other tenants also have the chance to terminate their agreements. Agreements are terminated using the Hoas termination form.

3. If the roommates do not react, Hoas will choose a new tenant for the vacant room according to its normal criteria for choosing a tenant.

The contact details of the tenants are given to the new tenant so that the roommates can get acquainted with each other as soon as possible. Pets are allowed in roomie apartments, so it’s good to discuss them and possible allergies with roommates in advance.