Roomie apartments -new era of shared living

The friend apartment is nowadays the roomie apartment – it is now possible to influence the choice of roommates during the period of tenancy in addition to the time of application!

Before, friends who moved into a friend apartment could only influence the choice of roommates during the time of application, and due to joint-responsibility rental agreements, the graduation of one friend ended the right of occupancy for both of them. From now on, the graduation of a friend will not terminate everyone’s right to occupancy in the roomie apartment. Instead, it gives the tenants a possibility to choose a new roommate.

As the name says, a roomie apartment means living in the same apartment with roommate. The difference between it and a normal shared apartment is that in roomie apartments, the tenants have the possibility to influence the choice of a new tenant. The apartments themselves are similar for both shared and roomie apartments.

A roomie apartment is rented with separate tenancy agreements so that each tenant is rented an own room of the apartment. When a tenant moves out, the other tenants of the roomie apartment have the possibility to propose a new tenant for the apartment according to directions given by Hoas.

Pets are allowed in roomie apartments. We recommend that the roommates discuss potential pets and allergies together.

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