Who can apply for a Hoas apartment?

You can apply for a Hoas apartment, if you are a full time student, a degree student, entitled to student financial aid and your school is in the capital area or surrounding municipalities. Hoas tenant selection criteria are not satisfied by all schools and types of study.

Hoas has apartments available for the spring term and for the summer months. Anyone who has a temporary job or studies in the capital area or surrounding municipalities can apply these apartments.

Can underaged person apply?

An underaged person can apply for a Hoas apartment as long as the person's guardian consents to it. When you fill in your application, please enter your guardian's details carefully in the space reserved for them.

Credit information check

The credit information of any applicant and the guardian of an underaged applicant is always checked automatically from the systems of Suomen Asiakastieto, when an application is submitted. A record of a payment default entries does not prevent you from applying. Stricter conditions will be applied to any potential apartment offer.

Applying for another Hoas apartment

Those living in Hoas housing can apply for a new apartment for example when their situation changes. An internal transfer means moving from a Hoas apartment to another Hoas apartment without a compelling reason. A transfer of right to occupancy means moving from a Hoas apartment to another due to a changed situation.

Types of apartments

Hoas has the largest selection of different types of student apartments in Finland. Our student apartments include many options at different levels and price brackets to match the students' varying situations.

We have properties in several areas near various schools. Rents are generally higher in newer or recently renovated properties as well as in apartments that are close to central Helsinki. This section provides an introduction to all Hoas's apartment types. Please note that all properties do not have all apartment types.

The rent is determined by the size and location of the apartment as well as the age of the property and any basic renovations that have been carried out there.

Mainly Hoas apartments and rooms are unfurnished with few exceptions. All Hoas apartments are non-smoking, but unfortunately, Hoas does not have specific apartments for those with allergies.

What is included in the rent?

The rent in Hoas's unfurnished apartments includes always water and electricity in all shared apartments and some other apartment types. Additional free services in almost all properties are HOASnet, laundry room, sauna slots, common tenant facilities and storage spaces.

Priority when offering apartments

Hoas tenant selection is regulated by ARA, the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland. Hoas also has its own rules and campus principle which affect the choice of tenants. Priority will be given to applicants who are homeless, of modest means and/or have a low income, otherwise in urgent need of an apartment and studying to complete a basic degree.

Temporary stays

Hoas has furnished apartments available for the spring term from January to May and unfurnished apartments for the summer months from April to August. Anyone who has for example a summer job or studies in the capital area or surrounding municipalities can apply for a temporary apartment for the spring or summer.

Obstruction-free apartments

Many of Hoas's newest properties are built free of obstructions. Hoas's property in Lauttasaari, Helsinki (Haahkakuja 5) includes a housing unit for handicapped young people, managed by Vamlas.

Shared living

Hoas apartments for friends are now roomie apartments. It is now possible to influence the choice of roommates when applying, but also during the tenancy period!

You can apply for a room in a roomie apartment with a new friend or a friend you already know. Alternatively, you can apply for a room that becomes free in an existing roomie apartment.


Applying for a Hoas apartment

You can submit an application as soon as you have been admitted to a school, however no more than four months before you intend to move in. When you have filled in the application, Hoas will process it and we will confirm by email that your application is valid.

Here is the housing application.

How long will my application be valid?

Your application is valid for three (3) months from the date of submission. The application must be updated at least every three months in order for it to not expire and be removed from our application register.

Changing information on the application

If your wishes or situation change, you can update your application with the application update form.

When will I receive an offer?

Hoas has no queue number system for housing applications. When prioritising applications, we take into account the urgency of the need for an apartment, the applicant's assets and financial situation, as well as the time they have waited.

Accepting an apartment

You can confirm your tenancy agreement by signing it in the electronic service and providing the requested documents to Hoas by the given due date. The tenancy agreement will be binding for both parties once the applicant has provided all required documents and the lessor has approved them. After the tenancy agreement has been confirmed, the housing application will be removed.

Paying the deposit

When the tenant agrees to rent an apartment, a deposit must be paid to and a proof of the payment delivered to Hoas. If social services agree to pay your deposit there are some special terms to be noticed.

Refusing an apartment offer

You can refuse the apartment offer by cancellation form. If you want your apartment application to stay valid, you must refuse the offer by the given due date.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions about applying for Hoas housing. Check also Guide for tenants.