Malminkartano asukastoimikunta / tenant committee

Malminkartanon asukastoimikunnan muodostavat yhdessä Arentikuja 1, Viljelijäntie 4 & 6 kiinteistöt.

Kiinteistön asukastoimikunta vastaa tämän sivuston päivittämisestä.

Tämä sivu on tarkoitettu asukastoimikunnan viestintäkanavaksi. Lisätietoja asukastoiminnasta ja valmiita lomakepohjia löydät nettisivujemme asukastoiminta-osiosta.


Arentikuja 1, Viljelijäntie 4 & 6 confirm Malminkartano tenant committee.

Property's tenant committee is responsible for updating this website.

This website is meant for communication between tenants. More information about tenant activity and template forms can be found on Hoas website's tenant activity section

You can always contact the committee via  e-mail

Hoas is the one who is renting the aparments. Tenant committee is a group of volunteers responsible for the shared facilities, for example reserving and equipping the club room and gym. The committee also organises events, voluntary work days and excursions for the tenants.


Dear tenants, welcome to HOAS Malminkartano (Viljelijäntie-Arentikuja)! Here is some useful info for newcomers.


How big is our community?

Our HOAS community includes two buildings (Viljelijäntie 4-6 and Arentikuja 1). There are 352 apartments, which means at least 704 tenants living here. The community has its own facebook group, feel free to join


What do we have here?

There are two laundary rooms, saunas, gym and clubroom in our HOAS. Laundry and saunas for Arentikuja are in the C building, for Viljelijäntie – in the D building. Washing machines, dryers and saunas can be reserved via  

Music room with music instruments and handigraf room with sewing machine, tools and instruments are located in Viljelijantie D building. Both rooms are available for all tenants. Contact to tenant committee trough facebook group or by e-mail ( to get there.


Where are gym and clubroom?

Gym is located in Arentikuja C. There is no need to reserve the gym. Apartments keys open it.

Clubroom is at Viljelijäntie D. You can play billiard, board games games or darts in the clubroom. Every tenant is free to reserve the clubroom for private parties at When booking, you automatically agree to follow the rules, which can be seen at Be responsible, do not disturb your neighbors and clean up the room after the party.


What is going on in HOAS?

The tenant committee organizes several parties and other activities for tenants each year. You can find info about it on facebook and the front doors. If you have any ideas or inspiration concerning any teambuilding activities, please, just share!


How can we get to Malminkartano?

Malminkartano is a small neighborhood in the North-West of Helsinki. It is a part of traffic Zone 1 (Helsinki region). There are two trains coming here – P (from the city center) and I (from the airport). You can also use bus number 37 (departing from Kamppi), and 39N during the night time.


What is our ZIP code?

Local ZIP code is 00410. The nearest post office is located on the other side of Malminkartano railway station (Pihkatie 6, Helsinki). Notice that if you order local delivery, you can order it to R-Kiosk as well.


What infrastructure does Malminkartano have?

There is almost everything students might need nearby. Library, school and three daycares are located in Malminkartano.  Local clinic is close to the station. Small food supermarkets are near the station (Alepa, K-market). S-market, Lidl are 10 minutes walking distance. Pharmacy, café and bars can also be found next to the station. Two big malls are located in Myyrmäki and Kannelmäki.