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Hoas - Homes for students

Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (Hoas) was established in 1969 to help relieve the shortage of student housing within the Helsinki metropolitan area. Hoas was founded by the student unions in the Helsinki region. Also nowadays Hoas works in co-operation with the student unions of the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, as well as 13 other local student unions.

Hoas is a non-profit organisation: the rents paid by the students are used to cover the costs of housing and to build new student housing. Hoas rents out 9000 apartments to 18,000 tenants. Hoas manages the rental and related administrative tasks during tenancy. Hoas also provides separately administered dwellings and furnished rooms for international exchange students.

Approximately 10 000 new tenancy agreements are made every year. The utilisation rate of dwellings is high: 98.6% in 2013. Hoas also maintains and renovates its properties and apartments on a regular basis.

Hoas student housing can be applied for by anyone undertaking full-time studies in a secondary level educational institution or university in the Helsinki capital area or in municipalities adjacent to the capital area. Part of Hoas’s accommodation is reserved for international exchange students. At summertime Hoas rents rooms and apartments also for non-students. For post-graduate students Hoas is able to offer accommodation only rarely.