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Door opening service

Securitas 24 hour door opening service


If you leave your keys at home - Securitas provides 24 hour door opening service for the tenants. If you wish to pay the opening by phone, call 0600 15215. When calling this number, you can choose that the door opening fee of 27 euros will be charged on your phonebill. Securitas or Hoas do not take responsibility for possible extra charges applied by a teleoperator.


It is also possible to order door opening by calling 020 491 2962. When calling this number the door opening fee will be charged with an invoice according residence charge list.

For the safety of the tenants the door can be opened only to a person who has a valid tenancy agreement to the apartment.

Please note that it is very important to pay the door opening on time. Securitas charges unpaid openings from Hoas for 47 euros/opening, and Hoas adds 6 euros invoicing charge for sending the bill to the tenant, so an unpaid door opening will cost you 53 euros.


Please note: if you live at one of the following addresses, check the maintainance company details from the notice board in your building.


· Domus Academica (Domma B, C and D houses)
· Ida Aalbergin tie 1
· Itämerenkatu 12
· Santakuja 3
· Selkämerenkatu 6
· Pasilanraitio 4
· Pasilanraitio 10
· Vuolukiventie 1