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Exchange Students


You can apply for an exchange student apartment if you are coming to study in Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa as an exchange student at one of the following schools: Aalto University, Arcada, Diak, Haaga-Helia, Hanken, Laurea, Metropolia, Univeristy of Helsinki, University of the Arts Helsinki - Sibelius Academy, Theatre Academy or Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

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Hoas has four different types of accommodation options for the exchange students: a room in a shared apartment, a shared room in a shared apartment, a studio apartment and a shared studio apartment. All rooms/apartments reserved for exchange students are furnished with basic furniture.

Exchange students can also apply for unfurnished Hoas housing. When applying for this, please note that the apartments are not furnished and are completely empty when you move in. For these apartments, students studying the full degree in the Helsinki region are prioritized, so the chance of an exchange student to receive this accommodation is very small. Exchange students applying for both furnished and unfurnished apartments will be offered first a furnished apartment and only if all furnished apartments are rented out, they can be offered a unfurnished apartment. We recommed applying for the apartments reserved for exchange students.







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